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    Country Lou Watson

    Country Lou Watson is a living legacy of
    True Texas Music and Culture!!!

  • Music relates to the humor, love with each song tells a story.
  • Follows the traditional country formula.
  • Keeps with the basics with his tunes.
  • Relying on his own style and real personality and catchy guitar rhythms.
  • Country Music has always been an influence in his life.

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  • Country Lou Watson, the talented singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas, sings about Love and Humor that relates to anyone that listens to his music.

    Following the Traditional Country Formula, Country Lou Watson has kept with the basics with his tunes, relying on his own style and real personality and catchy quitar rhythms.

    Country Lou Watson has an advance degree in real life and his personality is larger than life.

    Country Lou Watson once had a fan say "Meeting Country Lou Watson is like drinking a fresh cup of coffee in the morning."

    When reflecting back on his past experience, Country Music has always been an influrence on me" It's what I always thought life was about, the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the ability to pick you up brush yourself off.

    To Country Lou Watson Traditional Country Music Is Here To Stay!!!